5 (Easy) One Year Anniversary “Paper” Present Ideas


Happy Anniversary! If you’re marriage is anything like ours then you are looking back and thinking, “Wow! Has it already been a year?” Time just flies by these days. Whether you’ve been married one year or twenty years, finding that perfect present can be stressful. For the traditional gift giver, there is a list of […]

Our Home Renovation 2.0 – Formal Living Room Reveal


It has been awhile since we shared any updates on our home renovation. Although things have significantly slowed down around here (at least when it comes to manual labor), I thought it might be nice to share a few room reveals. We are not completely finished with our original interior renovation plans, but the remaining […]

DIY Hair Bow Holder


In the south, there are two things that are common place in a little girls wardrobe – monogram “everything” and bows. The bigger the better seems to be the theme with birth of these items. At the recommendation of my girlfriends (who just happen to all have girls), I purchased 2 dozen 3″ bows in […]

Our Birth Story – A True Account of a Natural Delivery

You might have noticed that it has been a while since our last post and even before that, the number of posts have been limited. Let’s just say that the ninth month of pregnancy was exactly what everyone said it would be – exhausting. Our little one finally arrived (September 2nd!) and I think exhausting […]

How to Hard Boil Eggs Perfectly


There are certain skills that you develop over time with lots of practice and others that can be achieved quickly with a little bit of patience. When learning to cook there are many skills that can be picked up along the way that don’t require a high skill level. Today we will go over one […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets – Part 2 – Painting


Last week we talked about the prepping of kitchen cabinets for painting. To make your DIY paint job look professional, it will most likely involve some form of prepping. For our cabinets, we decided to both sand (lightly) and prime. If you have questions about sanding and priming, you can find the step by step […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets – Part 1 – Sanding and Priming


One of the most dramatic changes you can make to your kitchen is to change out your cabinets. In our first home renovation, we re-stained the kitchen cabinets. Although it definitely improved the look of the kitchen, it was a LOT of work and I did not want to sand down all of the cabinets […]

Children’s Book Themed Baby Shower


At 38 weeks today, we are still awaiting the baby’s arrival. I guess I get to be one of the “lucky” ones that walk around for 3 weeks dilated, but no actual progress is being made. That’s ok though because had Cecilia come last week we would have missed out on our final baby shower. […]

What to Expect in the 9th Month of Pregnancy

When sitting in the waiting room of the OBGYN, I casually play around on my phone while flipping through a few Parents magazines. It’s funny how time and life changes your interests. Even one year ago I wouldn’t be even slightly intrigued to read about the “Bucket List for New Moms”, but now I can’t […]

Burlap and Lace Baby Shower for Girl


Having a baby is a special time in anyone’s life. When it is your first baby, there is an extra charm to it. A couple of weekend’s ago, I was showered with so much love at our baby shower hosted by my sister and mother. Not only does a baby shower assist you and the […]