DIY Sheet Music on Canvas


Another busy weekend has come and gone and we are still in full project mode at the “P” residence. With about 6 weeks left of pregnancy, my hope is that maybe around week 38 I can get a little relaxation. It feels like wishful thinking at this point, but I suppose rest and relaxation is […]

How to Get Wrinkles out of Sheets without Ironing


If there is one place where I love a good shortcut, it is with housekeeping. Be it house cleaning, organizing, or some other form of domestic punishment pleasantries, there are few things better than saving a little bit of time, money, or sanity with an easy trick. Earlier this year, I shared with y’all a […]

Why You Must Go to that Event

In life there are certain occasions, both joyous and mournful, where your presence will be requested. Whether requested by invitation or expectation, your friend’s and family will appreciate you being there for them during these times. This is especially important for the “big” events in life. What is considered as a big event is different […]

Grocery Shopping List Template


Home Management Binder – Free Templates Grocery Shopping List Hey y’all! We are slowly winding down on our home management binder templates. There are just a few left and then we will put it all together for our complete home management binder. Today we will add an easy one to your current collection. Two weeks […]

Chick-Andouille Stew


When it’s really hot outside, many times the last thing that I want for dinner is a soup, stew, chili, etc. Even the best recipe just doesn’t sound appealing when the temperature on the stove top feels equivalent to the temperature outdoors. The other evening my mom and brother dropped by to see the progress […]

How to Tea Stain Paper to Look Old


Happy Monday y’all! We hope you had a fun and safe fourth of July and are well rested for the week ahead. The heat is definitely reaching those high summer temperatures now making indoor projects my new favorite kind. It did ease up a little bit one day this weekend which allowed me to finish […]

Semi-Homemade Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli


There are days when nothing makes for a better evening than a homemade meal. Then there are those other days where you just have to get something on the table and that something has to be easy. One of my favorite cooking shows in college was Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee from the Food Network. It […]

Monthly Dinner Plan Template


Home Management Binder – Free Templates Monthly Dinner Schedule When it comes to planning and organizing, one area that I have always been pretty short-sighted with is meal planning. After a little bit of practice, I have been able to grocery shop and mostly stick with the items on my grocery list, but that list […]

Building a Team for Success


Being a new mother-to-be there is so much learning to be had. While some things will probably come naturally, other aspects and teachings will most likely come from another. As with all parents, there are certain values and behaviors that you will want your children to instill. Watching other mothers, searching through all of the […]

Salmon Croquette Sandwich


Living on the Gulf Coast means that we usually have abundance for seafood selections. Since Mr. P and I are both big seafood fans, we regularly eat a variety of fish, especially in the summer. However, wanting to get plenty of Omega-3, but not so much mercury limits (there are a lot of rules to […]