A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing – Part 1

Winding the Bobbin and Lower Threading

When starting a new project or hobby, even the smallest of tasks can seem downright daunting. The beginner’s guide to sewing is for those who are brand new to the art. Everyone has to start somewhere and we are so excited for you to begin this new journey with us!

Before starting your first project, there are 3 basic functions that you will need to be comfortable doing. These are winding the bobbin, lower threading the sewing machine, and upper threading the sewing machine. Part 1 of the guide will focus on the first two: how to wind the bobbin and how to lower thread the sewing machine.

For this tutorial, we will be using a Brother SQ9050 sewing machine. Although the concepts are similar for most machines, please refer to your user guide for machine specific questions. I believe the Brother SQ9050 has been discontinued, but the model below is very similar in appearance and functions.

Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table
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A Beginner's Guide to Sewing

Winding the Bobbin

1.  Pull up the spool as high as possible and place the thread on the spool.

2.  Pass the thread clockwise around the pre-tension disk. The thread should cross over the top.

3.  Pull the end of the thread up through the hole on the top of the bobbin from the inside of the bobbin. (It’s ok if it takes more than one try!)

4.  Place the bobbin onto the bobbin winder shaft and press down firmly until the bobbin is securely in place. Push the winder shaft to the right (this takes a little bit of force). The winder shaft will click when in place.

5.  Turn on the sewing machine. If the foot controller is not plugged in, do so now. Hold the end of the thread and gently press the foot controller, allowing the thread to wind around the bobbin a few times.

*If the thread isn’t winding the bobbin, take the thread out of the bobbin and begin again   from step 3. Troubleshooting is generally an error in either Step 3 or Step 4.

Trim any excess thread above the bobbin. Turn the sewing speed to high and firmly press the foot controller until the bobbin is full. Once full, cut the thread, slide the winder speed shaft back to the left, and return the sewing machine to regular speed.

Lower Threading

1.  Turn the hand-wheel counter-clockwise until the needle is at the highest point. Slide the button to pop open the cover. Remove the cover and place to the side.

2.  Place the bobbin in the hole so that the thread when pulled will go counter-clockwise.  Guide the thread around the slit and around the cutter (if your machine has one).

3.  Place the bobbin cover back on the machine.

There you have it! Your first adventure in sewing. We know, this is definitely not the glamorous part that is thought of when watching Project Runway, but it is the first step in learning how to sew! For more sewing tutorials, visit our Sewing Basics page!


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