A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing – Part 4

Replacing a Needle in the Sewing Machine

Whether needing to use a different size needle or removing a jammed needle, there are times when you will need to replace the needle of the sewing machine. There are two common reasons that could cause the needle to jam – either the fabric is stuck in the bottom of the machine or the needle is bent.


Although this is one of the easiest tutorials, it is one that you will need to keep in mind and refer back to for different sewing projects. When you are just getting familiar with the sewing machine it can be daunting when you get the big “E” (error) on the digital screen. Once the needle becomes stuck or you need to change out the needle, the following steps will help you along the way.

1/2. Turn the handwheel counter-clockwise until the needle is up.

3. Once the needle is raised to its highest position, take the screwdriver (a small one should be found in the kit in the front of the machine) and turn the latch to the left (lefty lucy!).

4. If the needle is bent, you will have to discard it. If the needle is straight and still in working order, you should be able to re-insert it in Step 5.

5. With the flat side facing the latch, slide the new needle into the empty outlet.

6. Using the screwdriver, tighten the needle back into place (righty tighty!).

Re-thread your machine and do a few practice stitches to ensure that the needle is in securely. If not, repeat the steps until the machine is working again.

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