Let There Be White – Closets that is

When buying a house, one area that seems to always take a beating, but is not always noticed in the first or final walk-thru is the closet. Whether it is the bedroom, coat, hallway, etc. these little rooms usually contain leftover dirt, scuff marks, and other unknowns. Luckily, as ghastly as they may appear, closets are one of the easiest places to cheer up. The key is a little elbow grease and a lot of white paint.

Some may disagree, but personally, I believe that a white closet brings out the natural colors of clothing (eliminating the “is that shirt navy or black?”), while giving the area a clean feel that colored closets cannot imitate. The key is to paint all of the main parts the same color white, including all walls and shelves. Depending on the hardware and poles in place, you may want to paint these white as well. If not, a nice chrome bar will stand out nicely against the white background.

The pictures below illustrate one of our guest bedroom closets before we made any changes. The first thing that we had to do is knock off all of the dust and remains from pulling up the carpet. We found a small handheld broom and shop-vac to be the most helpful for this task. Once clean it was time to start painting.
I find it easier to paint top down. If the shelves can be removed, by all means remove them and paint each separately. This will save you the headache or trying to catch-all of the extra drips. Unfortunately, we were not able to remove the main shelves prior to painting due to fear of hitting the ceiling.

Painting a closet can be difficult due to the small space. I find it best to wear “paint clothes” and some form of hair protection (be it a hat or bag to avoid any accidental bumps). The work may be hard and tedious, but the rewards are worth it.

Here is our “after” picture of the closet.

What do you think?  How do you like to spruce up your closet space?

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